Mints Producing Precious Metals – Gold and Silver Coins, Rounds, and Bars

Gold and Silver Bars

Investment-Grade Bullion Producers

Our selection of mints and manufacturers represents a curated list of reputable sources for investment-grade Gold, Silver, Platinum and Palladium coins, bars, and rounds. While it may not encompass every producer globally, these are reputable companies. If there’s a mint or manufacturer you’d like to see recognized here, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

United States Mint and Other Domestic Manufacturers
The United States boasts one of the most diverse and comprehensive Precious Metals industries globally, particularly in the field of bullion. Leading the way is the prestigious United States Mint, responsible for minting U.S. currency and a renowned bullion program featuring iconic coins like the American Gold Eagle, American Silver Eagle, and American Platinum Eagle.

A subsidiary of the renowned bullion retailer APMEX, 9Fine was established in 2017 and is already impressing the industry with its quality and competitive premiums. Their offerings currently include Silver Bars, Rounds, and specialty Silver pieces.

Golden State Mint
Golden State Mint, a family-owned business founded in 1974, is known for recreating classic Silver coinage with a high metal content of .999. Their non-monetary backed rounds include designs like the Walking Liberty and Incuse Indian.

Highland Mint
Based in Melbourne, Florida, the Highland Mint is famous for its licensed sports memorabilia, including NFL flip coins. They have been mass-producing generic Silver rounds and bars since the 1980s, all made from .999 pure Silver, making them ideal for investment portfolios.

Mason Mint
This mint is a producer of distinctive minted silver goods, distinguished in the minting field for its exacting design standards and unwavering commitment to quality. With over four decades of experience in the precious metal industry, Mason Mint boasts a team of highly skilled professionals who harness cutting-edge minting technology. Mason Mint isn’t merely an ordinary mining company; it is a collective of individuals united by a shared mission to deliver outstanding products to both collectors and investors in the silver market.

Monarch Precious Metals
Monarch Precious Metals, a small specialty mint based in Oregon, produces Gold and Silver products and is known for its small, fractional-size Gold offerings. They also mass-produce generic Silver rounds, like the popular 1 oz Silver Buffalo round.

Regency Mint
As a leading manufacturer of investment-grade precious metals and custom coins, renowned for its exceptional quality and impressive production capacity. The company’s primary objective is to transform its clients’ concepts into enduring mementos that hold sentimental value. Each coin crafted by Regency exemplifies fine workmanship and is fabricated using the finest materials available.

Republic Metal Corporation
While Republic Metal Corporation was known for Gold and Silver bullion, as well as Diamonds and jewelry, it has faced challenges in recent years and gone bankrupt after legal disputes involving inventory discrepancies.

Scottsdale Mint
Scottsdale Mint, located in Scottsdale, Arizona, is known for its exceptional quality and partnerships with central banks worldwide. In addition to unique bullion bars, they also create legal tender currency coins for various countries.

Founded in 1949, Silvertowne has grown into one of the largest Precious Metals manufacturers in the U.S., specializing in unique Silver rounds, ingots, and even coins for countries like New Zealand and Fiji.

Sunshine Mint
Sunshine Mint is a major supplier of Silver planchets, providing blank planchets to the United States Mint for American Silver Eagles. They also produce their own branded Gold and Silver rounds and bars in various sizes.

Mexico Mints
Banco de México, as known to the world today, was established on September 1, 1925. However, its origins trace back to La Casa de Moneda de México, founded in 1535 by a decree from the Spanish Crown.

Following Mexico’s victory over Spain in 1823, the nation continued to mint its own coins, retaining many of Spain’s monetary traditions like denominations. Nevertheless, the Mexican mint began crafting its own designs to symbolize its newfound sovereignty, resulting in coins of remarkable rarity and historical importance.

Amid the Mexican Revolution of 1910, public confidence in the monetary system eroded. As the new government solidified its presence, it formulated a new constitution. In 1917, Article 28 of the Mexican constitution stipulated that only a “government-controlled bank” could be exclusively responsible for currency issuance.

Popular Mint Products

With its rich history and prominence, Mexico’s Banco de México has produced several noteworthy coins. Some of the most celebrated Gold and Silver coins minted by the institution include:

  • 1 oz Silver Libertad
  • 1 oz Gold Libertad
  • Gold 50 Peso
  • Kilo Silver Aztec Calendar

These coins not only boast exceptional Precious Metal content but also feature captivating designs, making them cherished by collectors. Additionally, the mint crafts commemorative rounds paying tribute to various figures and events from Mexican history.

Elegance in Simplicity

While Banco de México is North America’s oldest mint, it doesn’t produce an extensive array of coin series. Instead, it focuses on the refined design of each piece, ensuring they authentically represent Mexican heritage. All coins from Banco de México bear the Mexican coat of arms, with many showcasing various coats of arms used throughout the nation’s history. This distinctive approach to preserving the past has earned Banco de México’s products acclaim worldwide.

United Kingdom Precious Metal Mints

British Pobjoy Mint
The Pobjoy Mint, based in Surrey, England, specializes in legal tender coins for British Territories, as well as medals, tokens, diamonds, and bullion. Their coins often feature Her Majesty’s effigy and include Gold and Silver Pegasus coins and Isle of Man Silver Bullion.

Johnson Matthey
Johnson Matthey, established in the early 1800s, originally as a Gold Assayer shop in London, later became the official Assayer Office and Refiner for the Bank of England. They produced some of the finest Gold, Silver, and Platinum Bars, though they ceased bullion production in the 1980s.

The Royal Mint
Operating for over 1,100 years, The Royal Mint, a wholly owned company of Her Majesty’s Treasury, produces high-quality bullion, including the Gold, Silver, and Platinum Britannia coins, Royal Mint Gold and Silver bars, and the Queen’s Beasts line of bullion coins.

Canadian Precious Metals

The Royal Canadian Mint
Opened in 1908, The Royal Canadian Mint refines Gold to a remarkable .99999 purity and produces iconic coins like the Canadian Maple Leaf Gold and Silver Coins, as well as the Wildlife series of bullion.

Gold and Silver from Australia

The Perth Mint
The Perth Mint, located in Australia, mints the world’s largest Gold Coin, known as the “Red Kangaroo

The Royal Australian Mint
The Royal Australian Mint, inaugurated in 1965 alongside the introduction of decimal currency in 1966, replaced the various branches of the British Royal Mint, which had previously struck Australian coinage in Sydney, Melbourne, and Perth. Today, the Royal Australian Mint is the exclusive producer of Australia’s circulating coins and also crafts exquisite bullion and collectible pieces. Over the years, they have minted in excess of 15 billion coins, with a daily capacity to produce two million.

Swiss Gold and Other Fine Precious Metals

Argor-Heraeus, a key player in various industries related to Precious Metals, refines and produces high-quality Gold, Silver, Platinum, and Palladium products. Their focus on investment bullion has been growing in recent years.

PAMP Suisse (Produits Artistiques Métaux Précieux)
PAMP Suisse, based in Switzerland, is renowned for its quality, producing hand-poured Gold Kilo Bars, Silver, and Platinum products. Many of their pieces feature Lady Fortuna, the goddess of luck and fate.

Valcambi SA
Valcambi SA, based in Switzerland, produces a wide range of Gold Bars and Gold and Silver blanks for central banks, foreign governments, and international organizations. They also produce Gold Bars for Credit Suisse.

Polish Gold and Silver

Germania Mint
The Germania Mint, relatively new and shrouded in secrecy about its location, produces stunning Silver Rounds. They often release limited-mintage rounds, attracting collectors worldwide with their quality and low premiums.

Polish Mint
The Mint of Poland, with a 250-year history, produces Gold Coins, Bars, and Silver products. Their Gold bars range from 1 gram to 1000 grams, and they are known for the Orzeł bielik (The White-tailed eagle) and the ‘Merentibus’ series of coins.

Gold, Silver, and Platinum from Belgium

Umicore, headquartered in Brussels, is the product of a merger of materials companies. They produce Gold, Silver, Platinum, and Palladium investment bars ranging from 1 gram to 12.5 kg, holding the coveted LBMA Good Delivery certificate.

Israel Gold and Silver Rounds

Holy Land Mint
The Holy Land Mint, part of the Israel Coins and Medals Corp., is known for minting Israeli money. Their products include .999 Gold and Silver, as well as some .925 (sterling) Silver coins, offering unique and valuable pieces for investors.

Turkish Precious Metals

Nadir Metal Refinery (Nadir Metal Rafineri)
Nadir Metal, a member of the LBMA, produces visually striking bars in Gold, Silver, Platinum, Palladium, and even liquid Rhodium. Their bars come in various sizes, with the unique feature of Gold coins as small as 0.5 grams.

Istanbul Gold Refineries
Istanbul Gold Refineries (IGR) was known for supplying a wide range of Gold and Silver bullion until allegations of receiving stolen Gold from Venezuela arose. The outcome of these claims remains to be fully substantiated.

Japanese Precious Metal Bullion

Asahi Refinery
Asahi Holdings, a Japanese company based in Tokyo, acquired Gold and Silver refineries from Johnson Matthey in Canada and the United States. They continue to produce iconic Gold and Silver bars, including the famous “loaf” casted 100 oz Gold and Silver Bars.

Gold and Silver Medals from South Korea

Korea Minting, Security Printing, and ID Card Operating Corporation (KOMSCO) in South Korea has gained recognition for producing high-quality “medals,” which are essentially government-produced rounds that hold no monetary value. These rounds, coins, and bars are known for their exceptional quality and design.

South African Mint & The Rand Refinery

Rand Refinery
Often referred to as the place where “all Gold leads,” the Rand Refinery in Johannesburg, South Africa, is a giant in refining Gold to .99999 purity. It is responsible for the production of the iconic Gold Krugerrand and Silver bars.

South African Mint
The South African Mint, the only legal mint for producing monetary-backed bullion and currency in South Africa, is known for the Gold Krugerrand and more recent .999 fine Silver versions. These renowned coins and bars are a testament to the country’s rich history in the Gold market.

Chinese Gold Pandas

The Chinese Mint (China Banknote Printing and Minting Corporation)
The Central Mint of China has been producing Gold and Silver coins, notably the Chinese Panda, since 1979. Their coins come in a wide range of unique weights, making them stand out in the world of bullion investment.

New Zealand Mint
The New Zealand Mint, established in Auckland in 1967, has been actively engaged in the production of Gold and Silver bullion, medallions, and an assortment of commemorative coins. Currently, it holds the distinction of being New Zealand’s sole mint dedicated to working with Precious Metals. Furthermore, the mint plays a pivotal role in producing coins for neighboring island nations such as Fiji, Niue, and the Cook Islands.

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