1621-65 Spain 8 Escudo Seville – Philip IV – MS 64

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1621-65 Spain 8 Escudo Seville – Philip IV – MS 64

Original price was: $39,995.00.Current price is: $38,495.00.

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The 1621-65 Spanish 8 Escudo coin, featuring the likeness of Philip IV and minted in the renowned city of Seville, represents a captivating blend of historical significance and aesthetic appeal. On its obverse side, a meticulously crafted shield proudly displays the royal coat of arms of Spain, adorned with a castle, a majestic lion, and a symphony of intricate embellishments. Surrounding this emblem, the inscription “PHS IIII D G HISPAN ET INDIAR REX” eloquently proclaims “Philip IV, by the grace of God, King of Spain and the Indies.”

Flipping the coin reveals a grand cross intricately adorned in each of its quadrants on the reverse side. Encircling this magnificent cross, the legend reads “HISPANIARUM ET INDIARUM REX,” signifying “King of the Spanish and the Indies.”

Seville, during the 17th century, stood as a beacon of prosperity within Spain. Its mint produced a plethora of exquisite coins, and the 8 Escudo denomination, featured here, played a pivotal role in facilitating trade and commerce across the expansive Spanish Empire.

In our contemporary era, the 1621-65 Spanish 8 Escudo coin from Seville, bearing the likeness of Philip IV, has garnered immense interest from both collectors and investors. When authenticated by esteemed grading authorities such as NGC, it not only substantiates its authenticity but also amplifies its allure. Graded as Mint State 64, this coin exhibits superb condition with only minimal surface imperfections, and its striking details remain crisp and finely defined. This remarkable coin serves as a tangible relic of Spanish history, a prized gem within the numismatic world, and an invaluable addition to any discerning collector’s portfolio.


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