1840 New Orleans – MS64 – Seated Liberty Half Dollar



1840 New Orleans – MS64 – Seated Liberty Half Dollar


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This exceptional 1840 New Orleans Mint Liberty Seated Half Dollar, notable for its coveted Small O variety, represents a truly rare gem within the world of numismatics. Graded by NGC at an impressive Mint State 64, this coin boasts a distinguished provenance, hailing from the esteemed Osburn Collection, further enhancing its desirability.

With an initial mintage of a mere 855,000, this coin possesses a captivating scarcity, made even more evident by the fact that only 508 of these coins are known to exist today. Among this select group, a mere 8 coins share the same prestigious grade, with just one coin surpassing it.

These Liberty Seated Half Dollars were minted with the purpose of facilitating trade and commerce in the bustling city of New Orleans. The Small O variety featured here is a true rarity. This exceptional 1840 Liberty Seated Half Dollar serves as a testament to the rich tapestry of American coinage history and is a prized addition for any discerning collector.


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